Cooling White Goods – Maximizing Performance and Efficiency with AC and DC Fans

Maximizing Performance & Efficiency with Ac, Dc, AND EC Fans When it comes to household appliances, designing products with cooling fans is becoming more than just an issue of cooling. From refrigeration units to convection ovens to venting ducts over stove ranges, the functions served by fans and fan trays not only include cooling and […]

Orion Fans Expands Offerings to Include EC Fan Trays

ORION FANS EXPANDS OFFERINGS TO INCLUDE EC FAN TRAYS Orion Fans has expanded its fan tray offerings to include EC Fan Trays. Using EC fans, these fan trays provide an energy-efficient cooling solution while still producing equivalent or greater airflow than AC and DC fan trays offer. EC fans are internally-converting brushless AC to DC […]

EC Fan Trays – High Airflow Without Compromise

EC FAN TRAYS – HIGH AIRFLOW WITHOUT COMPROMISE Fan trays provide your equipment racks and enclosures with high volume airflow to keep your equipment cool. In keeping up with high global demands for more energy-efficient products, we have expanded our fan tray offering to include EC options. This allows users to achieve the same or […]