Orion Fans has expanded its fan tray offerings to include EC Fan Trays. Using EC fans, these fan trays provide an energy-efficient cooling solution while still producing equivalent or greater airflow than AC and DC fan trays offer.

EC fans are internally-converting brushless AC to DC motors, also known as EC motors, which can be up to 30% more efficient than standard AC motors due to their design that uses internal intelligent fan controllers. The brushless motor’s increased efficiency means less energy is lost as heat, while more energy is turned into rotational force and airflow performance.

EC fans can be used as “drop-in” replacements in most applications where AC fans are used as long as the interface between the fan and the device is left unchanged. EC fans also offer the capability to add special features like Alarm and Tachometer Outputs and PWM control that are difficult or impractical with traditional AC motor designs.

The EC Fan Tray launch consists of 3, 6, and 9-fan configuration series. Each module comes standard with a 401 CFM (other speeds available), universal AC voltage range, and vertical airflow. 

The OET305 and OET605 trays come short-loaded with less than the full complement of fans but are modular to allow the addition of easy-to-add 3-fan expansion modules, for maximum flexibility as your cooling needs increase. Additionally, trays with permanently shortened rails are available, for applications having less clearance or depth. 

To ensure the reliability of the product, the trays are constructed with heavy-duty steel, extruded aluminum side rails, and an integrated switch guard to prevent accidental switch actuation. These trays come complete with a NEMA 5-15P or IEC320-C14 power cord. All modular EC fan trays measure 1 RUhigh and fit standard 19” racks, ensuring compatibility with common applications. Common applications for EC fan trays include networking equipment, enclosures, base stations, and battery backup systems.

To learn more about our EC fan tray series along with purchasing options, please visit https://orionfans.com or contact us today at 214.340.0265.