Fan trays provide your equipment racks and enclosures with high volume airflow to keep your equipment cool. In keeping up with high global demands for more energy-efficient products, we have expanded our fan tray offering to include EC options. This allows users to achieve the same or better airflow results as using our standard AC or DC trays but with the energy efficiency that comes with EC technology. 


EC fans offer many benefits over AC and DC. EC or Electronically Commutated fans offer a low-power, energy-efficient cooling solution with an AC input and are a lighter weight option. These fans incorporate internal power conversion from AC to DC, then use a brushless DC motor for significantly lower power consumption and consistent performance. They also offer a universal voltage and frequency range to allow for usability across multiple locales. Special functions like PWM, Tachometer, and Alarm outputs that are difficult to use with AC fans are simple to use with EC fans.


EC technology brings so many benefits to new designs that when added together in a fan tray assembly the advantages are substantial. We manufacture a variety of fan trays that offer either horizontal or vertical airflow and are between 1 RU and 3 RU high with all designed to fit any EIA standard 19” rack application. Below are some of our standard fan tray options.


Built with modular fan assemblies on a heavy-duty steel frame, modular fan trays are ideal for use in enclosures, cabinets, equipment racks, or ventilation hoods. These vertical airflow trays are pre-wired for 3, 6, or 9 fans to accommodate specific cooling needs. We offer an expansion module allowing the user to expand a 3 and 6-fan tray themself if their specific cooling needs change. All models are 1 RU high for maximum space saving and range in airflow from 401 – 1,204 CFM. The 3 and 6-fan trays are available with a shortened rail if extra space behind the unit is needed.


Our short fan trays are 1 RU high and are available in either a 3 or 6-fan configuration. These models cannot be modified from their stock form. They have the ability to reach airflows from 310 – 624 CFM. Their short frame depth allows the user to gain easy access behind the units if needed. They are lighter in weight compared to our modular trays if weight is an issue for their application.

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This 1 RU high fan tray is built with 6 front exhaust fans allowing for horizontal airflow, perfect for cooling network and rack enclosures. An optional redundant power supply will switch on seamlessly if the primary supply encounters a power loss making this tray a highly reliable solution. The fan tray offers a universal voltage range power supply as standard and is also compatible with customer-supplied DC power if available.

Our EC Fan Trays have the option for added monitoring and alarm systems for applications with limited access. The use of temperature-controlled fans as well as fans with PWM and Tachometer are also available as special options. To learn more about our various fan tray offerings please visit We also offer the ability to customize any of our fan trays with higher speed or lower noise fans. Please contact us to learn more about our custom options