Our History



RPK and JAK in the warehouse
1979 (2)

In 1979, Robert “Bob” Knight opted to go out on his own and founded Knight Electronics, Inc. A graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Navy veteran, and seasoned sales executive at Westinghouse and Raytheon, Bob headquartered the company in Dallas, Texas and began manufacturing basic electronic components through partnerships with Asian manufacturing facilities in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.

In 1980, Knight Electronics Inc. formed an OEM products division after concluding that there was a lack of customer focused companies that could satisfy custom and semi-custom product needs for OEM’s and provide cost effective manufacturing solutions.


In 1986, we continued to quickly grow and we built our first dedicated warehouse and production facility.

1979 (5)


1979 (6)

In 1995, the Orion Fans brand was created as an offshoot of the Knight OEM division. In the early 90’s Knight was being asked to build multiple types of cooling fans for different types of OEM customers. We took our marketing expertise, surveyed the market, and found some serious deficiencies in the marketplace that we felt we could correct. Some companies only made AC fans, some only DC fans, some were notoriously known for poor customer service and others for having long delivery and sky high pricing. It was a market begging to be corrected. 

With our extensive electronics and manufacturing expertise and a deep knowledge of the electronics industry, we set out to build a line of fans that could provide cooling solutions that would meet the needs of our customers by providing on-time performance, high quality, and value priced products. We never looked back.


In 1999, we outgrew our current operations and built a new warehouse and production facility that tripled the size of our capacity.

1979 (8)


1979 (10)

After 25 years of working in various roles within the company, Bob Knight’s son, John Knight, succeeded Bob as the President of Knight Electronics, Inc. 

Also a Veteran, John spent his childhood years as a self proclaimed tinkerer. He enjoyed building science experiments and electronics products in his garage. Building on his innate curiosity for engineering and science he graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy and later from Southern Methodist University with a Masters degree. John’s affinity for building and learning as well as his expertise in supply chain logistics and manufacturing has continued to help grow Knight Electronics.


In 2018, after outgrowing our current warehousing space, we started construction on a building expansion that doubled the size of our facility and helped expand our domestic production capabilities.

1979 (9)