Specialty Fans

92mm-254mm PANEL CUTOUTS 3D DRAWINGS VIDEOS COMPLIANCE Reversible Flow Fans 120mm-172mm Reversible flow fans provide excellent cooling performance in both the forward and reverse direction. This allows you to reduce both the total fan footprint and project costs. Speed and airflow direction are controlled by one fan without supplemental excess wire or circuitry. This series […]

IP Rated/ Harsh Environment Fans

IP Rated/Harsh Environment Fans 60mm-280mm PANEL CUTOUTS 3D DRAWINGS VIDEOS COMPLIANCE IP RATINGS CHART Designed to withstand moisture, contaminants, salt spray, high temperatures, or corrosive compounds, our line of harsh environment fans will work in many different applications. IP55-rated fans are perfect for environments with occasional exposure to solids and liquids. IP56-rated AC fans protect […]

Fan Filters

FAN FILTERS 120mm-280mm VIDEOS COMPLIANCE When combined with a Louvered Filter Fan Kit or an LFG series snap-on, slide or hinged louvered guard, Orion Fans’ specialty air filters offer low pressure drop, water resistance, fire protection, and the ability to capture large amounts of airborne dust in industrial enclosure applications. They are ideal for equipment […]

Fan Power Cords

C45, C90, C180 and C180T C45, C90, C180 and C180T VIDEOS COMPLIANCE Our power cords are the perfect accessory to your fan’s power needs. Available in the C45 (45°), C90 (90°), C180 (straight), and C180T (“T” style) configurations with either a blunt cut or a plug added termination, you have the option to either plug […]

Fan Speed Controllers

COMPLIANCE The TCAC001 is a thermal control unit that works in conjunction with thermally controlled fan trays to turn them on and off or ramp fan speed up or down depending on the cabinet temperature. The OA11/22CB is a dual output unit that controls fan speed for single or multiple fan assemblies. It also enables […]

Air Flow Monitors

3D DRAWINGS VIDEOS COMPLIANCE Airflow monitor modules (AFM) and airflow monitor kits provide an economical solution for indicating fan or blower airflow. The AFM module has a contact closure that activates when airflow falls below 8.2 ft/s due to fan filter clogs or foreign materials coming in contact with the fan blade. They are field retrofittable […]

Mounting Accessories

RACK HARDWARE COMPLIANCE We offer hardware options that are best designed for mounting fan trays, controllers, PDUs, and other network equipment in enclosures, racks, or ventilation hoods. Our cage nuts, washers, and screws are available for round and square holes and are composed of black, zinc-plated steel for superior durability and mounting versatility. Available in M6, […]

High Speed/ Performance

High Speed/ Performance 40mm-172mm PANEL CUTOUTS 3D MODELS VIDEOS COMPLIANCE PART # CONFIGURATOR High speed/high performance fans are designed to achieve higher airflow in a smaller frame size. This makes them the perfect solution when your cooling requirements increase and your design footprint cannot.   40MM 60MM 70MM 80MM 92MM 120MM 172MM 40MM 60MM 70MM 80MM […]