Cooling & Thermal Management Challenges

COOLING & THERMAL MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES Higher system clock speeds and higher density physical packaging are creating significant challenges for effective and cost-efficient cooling and thermal management. In fact, this trend has led designers to add fans to systems that already utilize passive cooling technologies, such as heat sinks and heat spreaders. Fans offer the solutions […]

How to Choose the Best Motorized Impeller or Blower

Energy-efficiency is one of the most important performance specifications for fan and blower manufacturers. In a 2011 report to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, ENERGY STAR estimated that there were more than one-million commercial kitchen ventilation systems installed in the U.S alone. In the same report, the Department of Energy (DOE) estimated that […]

Putting an End to End-Of-Life

Obsolescence, or end of life, has been a hot topic of discussion in recent years. As a result, we all know that these critical events can present significant procurement challenges, including continuity of manufacturing, quality, cost management and support: not to mention the future field maintenance costs. There are typically constraints when selecting a device […]

Keep a Cool Head When Sourcing Fans

Fan technologies enable electronics to perform at peak specifications. Unfortunately, thermal management is often a design afterthought, which can create problems when sourcing, selecting and implementing an effective cooling solution. To extend the operating life of vital electronics, a fan should provide appropriate thermal management. Purchasers may need to consider application demands, from reduced size […]

Put Accessories Center Stage

Fans and blowers are a key component of many thermal management systems. Designed to stabilize temperatures or cool sensitive electronics, they optimize equipment performance and uptime. Unfortunately, fan accessories such as filters, alarms and thermal controllers, are often overlooked in the design process. Despite being vital to the proper function of fans and blowers, accessories […]

When to Use Motorized Impellers

Energy efficiency is of ever-increasing importance in today’s world. According to a U.S. Department of Energy report in 2011, approximately 6.5 percent of the primary electricity consumption is used by commercial and industrial fans, blowers and fume hoods. Replacing such equipment with more advanced energy-efficient options would result in a substantial reduction in energy usage […]