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Orion Fans is a leader in both standard and custom cooling solutions. As your previously used parts discontinue, become unavailable, or design specs change, we have extensive value-add capabilities available to meet your needs long-term. 

Along with customizing materials and mechanical designs to match requirements, we offer the following value-add solutions: 

  • Adding Connectors
  • Lead Treatment
    • Sheathing
    • Twisting
    • Stripping
    • Solder Dipping The Ends
  • Custom Lead Lengths
  • Custom Voltages
  • Tapping Mounting Holes
  • Adding Metal Inserts into the Mounting Holes
  • Adding Spacers Between Flanges
  • Kitting with Finger Guards or Power Cords
  • Custom Fan Trays
  • Special Options:
    • Universal Range and Dual-Voltage
    • Spot Cooling
    • Sealed Sleeve
    • Low-Noise
    • IP-Ratings
    • High Performance
    • Thermal Control

In addition to our value-add capabilities, our custom solutions allow us to create full turn-key assemblies that can reduce overall costs and mitigate the risk of product shortages from other manufacturers that may halt your entire production.

In-House Support

Our in-house sales, engineering, and production team offer fast response times when customizing products and modifying project plans. Our experienced customer service team is available and ready to assist with any standard or custom projects along with regularly updating you with production status. 

Whether you need a specific part for a drop-in replacement or your design requires unique modifications, our team is ready to help. To learn more about our extensive value-add and custom solution abilities, please visit or contact us to discuss your specific needs