Orion Fans has introduced a new product line of Open Frame Motors along with various accompanying accessories such as brackets, grilles, and impellers. Open Frame Motors are dependable long-lived motors used in industrial cooling, commercial transportation, and commercial refrigeration.

This new product line includes AC motors ranging in size from 85mm to 125mm with 115V and 230V versions available. These motors come standard with 3 wire leads measuring 500mm long and are constructed with ball bearings and durable die-cast aluminum motor housings.

Accessories including a variety of mounting brackets made of galvanized steel and steel grilles sized to fit impellers 250mm and below are available. Aluminum impellers, ranging in size from 154mm to 300mm, are available in a variety of pitches in order to accurately direct airflow as needed. The connection style of the impellers uses a Phillips-head retaining screw on the motor shaft making it simple to install and remove. Intake airflow (toward the motor) is standard with models also available where airflow is directed away from the motor. 

“We wanted to expand our line to include these motors as we saw a clear demand in the market and a lack of supply. These products help fill out our thermal management solutions for our customers,” said Randy Rivero, Product Manager. “With both the motors and accompanying accessories available, we aim to provide all the necessary parts for your next design installation.”

Bearing UL, CE, REACH, RoHS, and VDE approval, these AC motors and accessories are safe and highly reliable as well as thermally and impedance protected, making them suitable for applications such as commercial refrigeration, ventilation, transportation, or industrial settings. Their long life span makes them a great option for applications with hard-to-reach areas.

To learn more about our new motor series, accessories, and available EC models, along with purchasing options, please visit https://orionfans.com or contact us today at 214.340.0265.