Filter Fan Kits with Louvered Sliding and Hinged Guards From Orion Fans Reduce Installation and Maintenance Costs


DALLAS, TX (October 31, 2017) — Orion Fans has expanded the industry’s lowest cost louvered filter fan kit offering to include sliding and hinged guard versions. Made up of a louvered sliding or hinged fan guard, filter, fan, metal guard, and hardware, the new louvered filter fan kits simplify installation and reduce maintenance time and costs. The heavy-duty LFGS Series sliding and LFGH Series hinged louvered fan guard versions are easy to open in order to access and change filters, as no tools are required to access the filter. Compared to regular grills or guards, the louvered filtered guards provide ingress protection as well as protecting fingers from fan blades.

With standard filtering to 8 microns and specialty filters available, the sliding and hinged louvered fan guards are designed to prevent dust and dirt from entering enclosure applications. Unlike competitors’ guards, Orion’s louvered guards feature standard UV protection. The kits not only provide an IP54, IP55, or IP56 rating, but can also maintain NEMA 12 rating when used with Orion’s harsh environment fans. Orion’s broad filter fan kit and louvered fan guard offering allows customers to find the right solution for most any application. The sliding (push/pull) and hinged (flip-up) louvered filter fan kits are available with 120, 172, 180, 200, 225 and 280mm fans.

“Orion Fans provides the industry’s broadest and most cost effective line of filter fan kits and accessories. The new slide and hinged louvered filter fan kits simplify the procurement process as well as the assembly process,” said David Luna, VP of Marketing at Orion Fans.

Orion offers a complete line of accessories including fan guards, filters, kits, cords, power cords and Air Flow Monitor (AFM) modules.