Preventing contamination is vital for safety in food and beverage applications. From professional kitchens and restaurant drink dispensers, to mass production and packaging, everything that food & beverage touches needs to be sanitized. Using high pressure and high temperature washdown practices prevent waste from collecting and microbial bacteria from growing. Using components rated to IP68 or IP69K allows for the intense cleaning of equipment required to keep surfaces sanitary and safe.


Component fans are found in many of the everyday products employed in a variety of industries as cooling and air moving solutions. The assemblies employing fans may require regular intensive cleaning with both high pressure and high temperature water. Traditionally, fans were vulnerable to damage from intensive cleaning due to their electronic circuitry and moving parts. Recent developments in conformal coating technologies have enabled Orion to develop fans impervious to dust and water ingress. The latest evolution in IP ratings is IP69K, bringing a new standard in resistance to dust and water ingress.


Dust (First Number)

IP 0x – No Protection
IP 1x – Objects > 50mm
IP 2x – Objects > 12mm
IP 3x – Objects > 2.5mm
IP 4x – Objects > 1mm
IP 5x – Dust Protected (Vacuum)
IP 6x – Dust Tight

Moisture (Second Number)

IP x0 – No Protection
IP x1 – Vertically Dripping Water
IP x2 – 75 to 90 Degrees Dripping Water
IP x3 – Sprayed Water
IP x4 – Splashed Water
IP x5 – Water Jets
IP x6 – Powerful Water Jets
IP x7 – Effects of Immersion
IP x8 – Indefinite Immersion
IP x9K – High Temp & Pressure Jets

Even more protection is offered through our louvered fan guards and reusable filters. With twenty three new IP68-rated AC & DC fan series, engineers and designers have a flexible and diverse catalog to choose from. The wide selection of airflow, from 14 to 1300 CFM, and sizes, ranging from 60mm to 280mm, is designed to keep air moving to lengthen the life of electronic components, and continue productivity. Many special functions such as an alarm, tachometer, thermistor speed control, temperature sensor, and more, are available for applications that have special requirements.