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Fan Temperature Controllers

Programmable Thermal and
Fan Speed Control

Low-Cost Programmable Thermal Control Unit  (Model TCAC001)

Turns fan trays on and off at specific temperatures. This reduces energy consumption by operating fans only when needed. Works with thermally controlled fan trays to ramp fan speed up and down based on cabinet temperature.  

View Programmable Thermal Control Unit Set Instructions and Flow Chart

Low-Cost AC Fan Speed Control Unit (Model OA11/22CB)

The Dual Channel Phase Control Unit controls fan speed for single or multiple fan assemblies. The OA11/22CB also enables precise control of fan noise, speed and air delivery according to application requirements. Four factory presets (user adjustable) allows for maximum flexibility with minimum setup time. Ideal for controlling noise versus air flow in fan trays mounted in racks. 

OA11/22CB AC Fan Speed Controller TCAC001 Programmable AC Thermal Controller

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Model #

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Programmable Thermal Controller, 110/220 VAC
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AC Fan Speed Control Unit, 120/220 VAC
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