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Authorized Distributor List


A & J Distributors

A2 Global Electronics + Solutions

ACK Radio Supply

Acme Electronics (A.E.I.)

Aim Electronics

Aircraft & Commercial Enterprises, Inc.

Allied Electronics


American Electronic Supply

Arcade Electronics

Area51 - ESG

Arrow Electronics

Atlantic Components

Ballard Supply

Barbey Electronics

Beta Elektroteknik

Beyond Components

BG Technologies

Bisco Industries

Bluff City


Chris Supply Company


Components Center/SMD Inc.

Cumberland Electronics

D&H Electronics

Dalis Electronics/SMD Inc.

Digi-Key Electronics

Direct Sales Company


Double-O Electronics

Dunn Electric

Electrical Wholesale Supply

Electro Sonic

Electronic Custom Distributors

Electronic Distributing, Inc

Electronic Industries

Electronic Parts

Electronic Supply Co. Inc.

Electronic Supply, Inc.

Electronics Warehouse

Electroshield, Inc

Forbes Distributing Co., Inc.

Fouraker Electronics

Frigid North Company

Future Electronics

Gateway Electronic Components


Gopher Electronics

Heilind Electronics

Hooper Electronic Supply


Hutch & Son, Inc

IMS Distribution

Industrial Electronic Supply

Industrial Electronics

Ineltro Electronics

International Wholesale


Ital Electronic Sales

J-Squared Technologies Inc.

Jan Electronic Supplies, Inc.


Karl Kruse India Limited

Kiesub Electronic Supply

King Electronics

Klaus Companies

Kruse Electronic Components

L & M Electronics

Leff Electronics, Inc

LNL Distributing

M3 Distribution, Inc.

MAI/Prime Parts

Marlac Electronics

Marsh Electronics, Inc.

Masline Electronic

Master Electronics

Masters Electronics Supply

Micro Devices Inc.

Mid-State Electronic

Mid-West Associated, Inc.

Midstate Electronics

Minntech Electronics

Mission Electric

Mouser Electronics

Nep Electronics

New Yorker Electronics


NexGen Digital

NexGen Micro Electronics

Norvac Electronics

Omni Pro Electronics

Online Components

Oregon Electronics

Orion Industries

Orvac Electronics, Inc.

Pacific Radio

Peerless Electronic Equip Co. Inc.

Powell Electronics

Precision Radio

Prime Electro Products/ A division of SM

PUI (Projections Unlimited Inc)


R&J Components / Standard Radio

Ralphs Industrial Electronics

Ramco Electronic Co

Randolph & Jones Elect.

Randolph & Rice

Randolph & Vandergriff

Randolph & Williams

Randolph Electronics

Randolph, Hale & Meredith

RAS Machine Tool Tech, Inc.

RCO Sales

REM Electronics

Richards Electric

Sacramento Electronic Supply

Salina Electronics Inc

Sandys Electronics

Sarasota Electronics

Sesco Data Systems

SF Supply

Shields Electronics Supply, Inc

SMD Inc.

Smith & Nephew

Solid State Supplies

Solid State, Inc

Southern Electronics

Standard Supply Electronics

Stark Electronics

Stuart C. Irby

Synergy Datacom Supply

Taylor Electronics

Texas Electronics Supply

Tonar Industries


Tri-State Electronics

Tristar Electronics

URS Electronics

Vanco Electrical Supplies

Vetco Electronics

Virginia Electronics Components

Vortex Technologies

Walker Component Group

Walker Electronic Supply

Wesco Distribution

Wholesale Industrial Electronics

William B. Allen Supply Co.

Willys Electronic Supply Co. Inc.

Wise Wholesale Electronics

Zarco Electronic Supply


Orion fans at Allied Electronics

P: 866-433-5722

Orion fans at Digi-Key Electronics

P: 800-344-4539

Orion fans at Future Electronics

P: 800-675-1619

Orion fans at Heilind Electronics

P: 800-400-7041

Orion fans at Mouser Electronics

P: 800-346-6873

Orion fans at Newark

P: 800-463-9275

Orion fans at A2 Global Electronics + Solutions

P: 800-767-2637

Orion fans at Arrow Electronics

P: 855-326-4757

Orion fans at Master Electronics

P: 888-473-5297

Orion fans at Online Components

P: 702-462-7300

Orion fans at Powell Electronics

P: 800-235-7880


Orion fans at Beta Elektroteknik

P: (90) 0212 23599 14

Orion fans at CLEVER

P: (+39) 051 705954

Orion fans at Distrelec

P: 044 944 99 11

Orion fans at Gateway Electronic Components

P: (+44) (0) 1270 615999

Orion fans at Ineltro Electronics

P: +43 (0) 1 61062 305

Orion fans at ISC-Distrel

P: +33 (0)1 34 34 16 34

Orion fans at Kruse Electronic Components

P: + 49 211 27403530

Orion fans at Micro Devices Inc.

P: +91 11 26447837

Orion fans at NexGen Micro Electronics

P: +90532 411-16-60

Orion fans at Solid State Supplies

P: +44 (0) 1527 830800

Orion fans at Transelectric

P: +972-73-2336600

North America

Orion fans at Beyond Components

P: 800-971-4242

Orion fans at Bisco Industries

P: 800-323-1232

Orion fans at Carlton-Bates

P: 866-600-6040

Orion fans at Electro Sonic

P: 800-56-SONIC

Orion fans at Hughes-Peters

P: 800-590-4055

Orion fans at Atlantic Components

P: 800-433-6600

Orion fans at SMD Inc.

P: 949-470-7700

Orion fans at Walker Component Group

P: 800-876-8686

Orion fans at New Yorker Electronics

P: 800-536-1887