Orion Fans Receives Quality in Business Certification from the ITC

Orion Fans, a global leader in cooling fans and fan accessories, has been recognized by the renowned International Trade Council (ITC) with the illustrious Quality in Business Certification. As a global peak-body Chamber of Commerce, the ITC offers independent certifications that demonstrate an organization’s adherence to global best business practices as benchmarked against the ITC’s […]

Orion Fans Expands EC Fans Family for Power-Hungry Applications

Orion Fans has expanded its family of Electronically Commutated (EC) fans to include 11 new fan models to meet a wide range of AC application requirements. Offering more design freedom, the enhanced product offering features 7 new frame sizes with CFMs ranging from 39 CFM to 220 CFM. EC fans offer a low power, energy-saving […]

Orion Fans and Hartland Southwest for a Harsh Environment Webinar

Harsh environments with extreme or volatile operating conditions place additional wear and tear on electronic components. Fans used in harsh environments must feature a rugged design resistant to dust, moisture, humidity, extreme temperatures and more. IP rated fans offer superior protection in a wide range of applications to ensure proper air flow and cooling. However, […]

IP68-Rated Fans for Food & Beverage Equipment

Preventing contamination is vital for safety in food and beverage applications. From professional kitchens and restaurant drink dispensers, to mass production and packaging, everything that food & beverage touches needs to be sanitized. Using high pressure and high temperature washdown practices prevent waste from collecting and microbial bacteria from growing. Using components rated to IP68 […]

Cooling Fan Solutions for Any Environment

Whether it is on the sidelines at the Superbowl, in the middle of the airport, or on the outskirts of town, portable enclosures and kiosks offer a wide range of services and functionality that simplify our lives. Portable communication systems have become an integral tool on NFL sidelines. All season long, big blue portable communication banks […]