Orion Fan’s “smart” thermally controlled fans and fan trays can reduce energy costs up to 30% compared to similar sized traditional fans. These fans feature a low noise profile for sound sensitive applications and a simple AC input. Smart fan temperature controlled applications include cooling LED/solid state lighting, rack enclosures, data centers, and electric vehicle charging stations.

OA109 smart-control-fan         OA300ST short-fan-tray



  • Reduce energy costs by 30%
  • Lower noise
  • Extended fan life
  • Simple to install with no additional extensions


  • Size: 120mm x 120mm x 38mm
  • Airflow: 63 - 97 CFM

  • Fits into any 19" rack
  • Airflow: 190 - 300 CFM


*DC Fans and Fan Trays also available.

 Contact an Orion Fans engineer to create the smart fan model you need for your next design.










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