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Standard AC Blowers

Orion AC Blowers with capacitor

Part (mm) Voltage

Motorized Impellers

Optional Metal Duct Rings for Motorized Impellers

* Required capacitor is included with all impeller models. All models are IP55 rated.

All Orion blowers are designed to meet UL, cUL, TUV, VDE and CE standards.

Crossaxial Blowers

Provides an even, laminar airflow for applications that require even cooling like printing or displays. Large crossaxial blowers are used as "Air Curtains" in facilities to prevent the influx of outside air through an opening in to a heated or cooled area.

OAB30 Series: (96 – 366mm) (14 – 60cfm)     OAB40 Series: (98 – 366mm) (21 – 70cfm)
OAB50 Series: (98 – 437mm) (24 – 110cfm)   OAB60 Series: (184 – 525mm) (63 – 180 cfm) 

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