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OA172 Metal AC Fan
OD3010 DC Fan
OD9238 High Static Pressure DC Fan

AC Fans

11-1130 CFM

DC Fans

1.3-900 CFM

OA300ST Short Fan Tray
OA900 ThermalCare Fan Tray
TCAC001 Programmable Thermal Controller

Smart Fans

  • Fans
  • Fan Trays
  • 63-300 CFM

Fan Trays

  • -3, -6 and -9 Tray
  • Temperature controlled
  • 330-2000 CFM
Harsh Environment Fan
Orion Accessories
Louvered Filter Fan Kits

Harsh Environment Fans

  • IP55
  • Salt-Fog
  • All-Metal


  • New! Slide & Hinged Louvered Guards
AFM Series Air Flow Monitors and Kit
Orion AC Blowers
Orion DC Blowers
 Smart Power Distribution Unit


Smart Switched
Power Distribution Units

Specialty Fans

    • Sealed Sleeve
    • Spot Cool DIN Rail
    • 70mm Family and more

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