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The Purpose of Design Registration Program is to encourage, reward, and protect authorized distributors to get ORION’s Products Designed-In with End Customers. This program is available for all Orion Distributors. Monthly POS required to be eligible.


All ORION Fans and Specialty Products are eligible for the program based only on new projects. Approved Registrations will be valid for 12 months and may be renewed upon request. ORION requires that the registration be for at least an estimated $5000 total opportunity.


  • The Distributor should initiate and complete the Design Registration Form, and submit it to the local ORION Sales Representative.
  • The Sales Representative will verify the distributors design-in efforts, and completeness and accuracy of information.
  • Once completed, the Sales Representative will sign the form and forward it to ORION for approval.
  • ORION will review the request to ensure this is the only request for the specific opportunity.
  • ORION will approve or reject the registration request, and will forward it to the Sales representative for return to the Distributor.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Distributors shall monitor and provide project updates to the ORION Sales Representative every 90 days until the business is secured.
  • Should the program extend longer than 1 year, the Distributor shall submit a renewal request to the Sales Representative for approval.
  • The Distributor and ORION’s Sales representative shall work together to close the business and obtain the order.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Distributors can qualify any standard or custom designed products for registration for a specific customer’s project. Approved registrations cannot be used for another customer.
  • Pricing considerations may be needed based on end customer requirements.
  • For standard product, a custom 9 digit P/N will be issued to easily track the opportunity and protect the design effort.
  • The Customer being registered is the original OEM where the design effort is being done.
  • Any subsequent order from the Distributor will be based on this ORION Quotation. This quotation number shall be used by the Distributor when ordering.
  • ORION reserves the right to make final determination on all Registration requests and pricing inquiries.

Registration Cancellations: 

The registration could be subject to cancellation prior to the one (1) year anniversary date for the following:

  • The distributor fails to update the Sales Representative on a quarterly basis.  
  • The distributor solicits a product from a competing line to the customer on the existing registration.
  • The registered end customer requests of ORION, a change in distributors for cause.

Should this situation arise, the Sales representative will send a written 30 day notice to the distributor, advising them of the cancellation.

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